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Benvenuti alla Casa per ferie Santa Margherita
Welcome to the Holiday House Santa Margherita
Bienvenido a la Casa de vacaciones en Santa Margherita
Bienvenue à la Maison Santa Margherita vacances
Welkom op de Vakantiehuis Santa Margherita
Bem-vindo à Casa de Santa Margherita


Maria Elisa Andreoli

The guest house is run by the Sisters “Serve di Maria riparatrici”  (Sisters Servants of Mary Reparation) a religious family that was founded in the late nineteenth century in Vidor (Treviso), initiative of the Venerable Servant of God M. Elisa Andreoli and his other companions. Their purpose was to devote himself to the God according to the spirituality of the Order of the Servants of Mary. Inspired by the Gospel they wanted to serve the God and neighbor, based to the example of St. Mary mother and servant of the God. www.smr.it

Hospitality is one of the ways in which the sisters realize their service and their communion with their brothers. Therefore, the community welcomes everyone with simplicity and availability offering a peaceful, friendly and family atmosphere.

The house is open all year and welcomes individuals, families, church groups, schools, associations, foundations, sports groups, persons with disabilities.

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